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Reduce Complications Associated with Implantable Devices.

CanGaroo reduces scarring and promotes healthy controlled healing.1,2,3

Make patient care more predictable and manageable with the CanGaroo Envelope. CanGaroo regulates the biologic healing response post implant, reduces inflammation, and mitigates excessive scar tissue formation and the associated complications.1,2,3

CanGaroo is an extracellular matrix that creates a hospitable environment for host cells to migrate and initiate tissue remodeling, stabilizing the device in healthy vascularized tissue.2

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Physician Trust.

More than 1,200 institutions trust Aziyo products for their patients. Physicians, like Dr. Koide use CanGaroo to reduce complications associated with pocket scarring that could lead to difficult change-outs and increase risk for infection.4,5

CanGaroo. For Life.

CanGaroo restores the natural anatomy post implant.1,2 It encourages healthy tissue growth by creating a hospitable environment for host cells to migrate and propagate into the ECM bio scaffold.1,2,3 The new healthy tissue secures and can protect the implanted CIED for the life of the device. Using a CanGaroo at implant is simple and helps make patient care more predictable.

Avoid Scar Tissue.

Dr. Niuton S. Koide MD, FACC
Cardiac Electrophysiologist in Las Vegas, Nevada

The First. The Only.

The CanGaroo is the first and only natural biologic envelope designed to help reduce complications with CIED implants.

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An extracellular matrix derived from porcine small intestine submucosa, the CanGaroo Envelope regulates the biologic healing response to decrease inflammation and stimulate formation of healthy tissue.2,3 It’s soft and pliable and easily conforms to the shape of the implantable device.

ECM. How It Works.



The CanGaroo easily conforms to the shape of the CIED. Once implanted, CanGaroo Envelope creates a hospitable environment for the surrounding cells to migrate into the bio scaffold and start matrix turnover.1,2



The SIS ECM regulates the biologic healing response triggered from the procedure to reduce inflammation and modulate healing to prevent excessive scar tissue formation.2,3 During remodeling, antimicrobial peptides are released and angiogenesis occurs.2,3


Post Tissue Remodeling

As remodeling concludes the CIED is secured naturally with the new tissue.1,2 The result is systemically connected vascularized tissue that surrounds the device instead of a hypovascular fibrotic capsule.1,2

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Dr. Cantanzaro Webinar

In this webinar Dr. Catanzaro reviews extracellular matrix function, S-ICD literature, and implantation recommendations for S-ICDs.

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How to Use CanGaroo

In this video you will learn how to prepare the CanGaroo for implantation.

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S-ICD Case Report

Dr. Nayak, from the University of Chicago shares his experience implanting an S-ICD with a CanGaroo Envelope and discusses key learnings.

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Clinical Spotlight

Pacemaker Pocket Stabilization Utilizing a Novel Envelope and Three-Point Anchoring Technique.

Product Specifications

Sizing and Ordering Information
  • Product Numbers are for U.S. only.
  • For International Sales Contact Customer Service.
Available in 5 Sizes, Multiple Packaging Options, Extended Shelf Life
  • Available in 2 packaging configurations, 2.5 year shelf life (30 months)
    *Sub-Q size only available in the U.S.
wdt_ID Size Dimensions Recommended Device Size
1 Small 5.4cm x 5.0cm Pediatric Pacemaker
2 Medium 6.9cm x 6.5cm Pacemaker
3 Large 6.9cm x 8.0cm ICD
4 X-Large 6.9cm x 9.5cm CRT-D and ICD
5 Sub-Q* 10.8cm x 8.9cm S-ICD
Ordering Information
wdt_ID Product Number Size
1 CMCV–009–SML CanGaroo® Envelope, S, Single Pack
2 CMCV–009-MED CanGaroo® Envelope, M, Single Pack
3 CMCV–009-LRG CanGaroo® Envelope, L, Single Pack
4 CMCV–009-XLG CanGaroo® Envelope, XL, Single Pack
5 CMCV–009-XXL CanGaroo® Envelope, XXL, Single Pack
6 CMCV–010–SML CanGaroo® Envelope, S, Five Pack
7 CMCV–010-MED CanGaroo® Envelope, M, Five Pack
8 CMCV–010-LRG CanGaroo® Envelope, L, Five Pack
9 CMCV–010-XLG CanGaroo® Envelope, XL, Five Pack
10 CMCV–010-XXL CanGaroo® Envelope, XXL, Five Pack

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2. Pre-clinical data on file at Aziyo Biologics, Inc.
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5. Wilkoff BL. Tex Heart Inst J. 2011;38(4):353–354.


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