ECM for Vascular Repair

ECM for Vascular Repair remodels into site-specific tissue and conforms to repair defects in peripheral vasculature.

ECM for Vascular Repair is used for repair or reconstruction of the peripheral vasculature including the carotid, renal, iliac, femoral and tibial blood vessels. ECM for Vascular Repair may be used for the closure of vessels, as a pledget, or for suture line buttressing when repairing vessels. ECM for Vascular Repair is hemostatic with minimal bleeding at suture lines1. It remodels into site-specific tissue and conforms to easily repair defects. Unlike synthetic or cross-linked materials, the elastic modulus approximates normal tissue. The ECM retains the natural extracellular matrix composition including collagen, growth factors and proteins.


  • Remodels into site-specific tissue
  • Less susceptible to infection than synthetic graft material2,3,4,5
  • Handles similar to vein tissue6 and conforms to repair the defect
  • Hemostatic with minimal bleeding at suture lines1
  • Elastic modulus approximates normal tissue7

Ordering Information

Product Number Size Thickness
CMCV-014-609* 1cm x 10cm 6-PLY
CMCV-012-606* 2cm x 10cm 6-PLY
 *Products available for U.S. customers only.