A More Natural, More Intact Matrix

SimpliDermTM is pre-hydrated human acellular dermal matrix that allows rapid integration, cellular repopulation, and rapid revascularization at the surgical site.

Closer to Nature, Better Results

SimpliDermTM is designed to maintain a more structurally intact extracellular matrix that is as close to nature as possible.

SimpliDerm™ Features1
  • Proprietary Processing
  • Sterile: Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) 10-6
  • Ready to Use: Pre-hydrated without damage to matrix
SimpliDerm™ Advantages2
  • Closer to Human Dermis
  • Low Inflammatory Response
  • Rapid Integration
  • Enhanced Pliability

Similar to native dermis, SimpliDerm™ maintains intact collagen, elastin, and vascular structure as a robust platform for integration and revascularization.2

For further help or to order SimpliDerm™, please contact Aziyo® Biologics Customer Service at

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