CanGaroo® ECM® Envelope

CanGaroo® ECM® Envelope conforms to implantable devices, creating a stabilized environment that may enhance patient comfort.

CanGaroo® ECM® Envelope is a naturally occurring bioscaffold intended to securely hold cardiovascular implantable electronic devices (CIEDs) such as pacemakers and defibrillators, creating a stabilized environment that may enhance patient comfort and restrict migration.

CanGaroo® conforms to the implantable device and remodels into a defined, vascularized pocket that supports and reinforces, while restricting migration of CIEDs. Its soft, supple edges may enhance patient comfort, facilitate implantation, and may simplify device removal for exchanges or revisions. CanGaroo® is designed to address the needs of physicians implanting CIEDs in their daily practice.

Representative product shown

Foreign Body Response vs. Healing Regeneration

When a foreign body is implanted, monocytes infiltrate the site and are often converted into inflammatory M1 macrophages.1  This can result in fibrotic scar formation.  ECM is a natural biologic that triggers a healing, regenerative M2 cascade.1


  • CanGaroo device remodels into systemically connected vascularized tissue
  • Stabilizes CIED to restrict migration
  • Supports and reinforces the pocket
  • May ease CIED removal from pocket during exchange or revision
  • Vascularized tissue pocket may enhance patient comfort
  • Soft, supple pocket has no sharp edges
  • CanGaroo conforms to the implantable device
  • Resists calcification2,3,4

Ordering Information

Product Number Envelope Height (cm) Envelope Width (cm)
CMCV-010-SML 5.0 5.4
CMCV-010-MED 6.5 6.9
CMCV-010-LRG 8.0 6.9
CMCV-010-XLG 9.5 6.9