Advanced Wound Care Made Simple

One look, and it is obvious that AltiPly is different. AltiPly is
 opaque, and thicker than other grafts. The dry graft is flexible and easy to handle. What you can’t see is the benefit of our 
proprietary processing on preserving the quality of the matrix.
The growth factor-rich matrix, with an outer basement
 membrane and epithelial layer, immediately serves as a 
scaffold for re-epithelialization.

Next generation allograft that offers easy-to-use wound care solutions

  • Chronic non-healing

    Supports wound closure of chronic diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), venous leg ulcers (VLU) and pressure wounds.

  • AltiPly


    Enables rapid, non-pathologic healing and remodeling of surgical and reconstructive wounds.

Unique handling properties support precise placement and rapid wound protection

Proprietary processing improves growth factor levels over dehydration methods.

High quality matrix supports cell attachment and migration for re-epithelialization.


Product No. Name Size
APY-0202 Lyophilized Placental Membrane 2x2cm
APY-0404 Lyophilized Placental Membrane 4x4cm
APY-0407 Lyophilized Placental Membrane 4x7cm
APY-0609 Lyophilized Placental Membrane 6x9cm
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Defining the path forward with AltiPlast®

AltiPlast provides a universal approach to treating complex, chronic wounds. Whether an irregular, tunneling or undermining wound, AltiPlast finds its way, reaching deep into the wound to treat hidden fissures. The matrix components intimately contact the wound bed to support closure. AltiPlast is adaptable and ready to integrate into your treatment approach.


Designed for irregular, deep wound geometries

  • Chronic, non-healing

    Covering and protection of irregular, tunneling and undermining wounds (DFU, VLU and pressure ulcers) to allow for re-epithelialization.

  • Exposed Bone

    Granulation needed, particularly for complex wounds to progress to closure.

  • Surgical

    Conforming to support tissue regeneration and non-pathologic remodeling of surgical and reconstructive wounds

Advanced Care Made Simple

Comprehensive treatment for challenging wounds in only 3 steps:

  1. Remove product from frozen storage and thaw at room temperature for 2-5 minutes.
  2. Apply AltiPlast.
  3. Apply wound dressing and non-adherent dressings. Utilize compression and offloading as appropriate.

Proprietary processing yields sustained growth factors over time

  • Derived from human amniotic and chorionic membranes.

  • High quality extracellular matrix includes fibrillar collagens I and III and elastin, as well as fibronectin, critical for cellular attachment and activity. Compromised proteins can affect all aspects of wound healing, from cellular recruitment and migration to remodeling.1-3

  • Array of growth factors for cell signaling, notably: bFGF, HGF, and PDGF.

  • True cryopreservation protects the protein structure and maintains the tissue in a hydrated state, while maintaining cell viability.

Product ordering information

Product No. Name Size
APT-0005 Cryopreserved Placental Matrix Small
APT-0010 Cryopreserved Placental Matrix Large


    1. Tracy et al, Adv Wound Care 5:119-136, 2016.
    2. Guo and DiPietro, J Dent Res 89:219-229, 2010.
    3. Li et al. Clin Derm 25:9-18, 2007.

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